Key Challenges

Travel businesses, tour operators and travel technology companies spend heavily on building their niche and unique booking engines, yet hurdles stand strong in their path.

  1. Breadth of content along with numerous provider integrations means large investments. Instead of focusing on creating a niche with the core technology, travel business and technology companies are challenged by the integration of XML APIs with many suppliers and content providers. The cost to hire and retain knowledgeable staff is a significant challenge.
  2. Knowledge and experience with content providers and suppliers is essential for travel businesses and technology, so is keeping up with the constant changes taking place in the industry landscape, innovations and offerings. Beyond a technology team, travel businesses need significant knowledge, as well as keeping up with constant changes.
  3. Complexity of travel technology with real-time interactions between booking engines, travel providers, CRS and direct connects are almost impossible to track. Ensuring that suppliers and travel providers can interact in an error-free manner with continuous monitoring, for best results is a challenge by itself for travel businesses across the world.
  4. Competing with the best in a highly-charged environment is difficult. Travel business is highly competitive in nature, and building technology ground-up can be challenging, time taking and cost intensive. Between creating a user experience, booking engine and content provider integrations, content providers are the least differentiators yet most critical.

The Solution

  • Ready-to-use xml interface for leading travel content providersReady-to-use travel content with provider integrations is now possible with sceptr. This custom travel software provides a ready-to-use unified, cloud deployed, highly available, scalable, and high performance XML interface to all leading travel content providers. Integration with all travel content providers is simplified, with just a single development effort.
  • Keep up with travel business evolutions with support of highly experienced teamKeeping up with the changes in the industry landscape, innovations and offers, is easy for travel businesses with the support of the team behind sceptr. Backed by over 50 years of combined experience in working with GDSs, CRS, wholesalers, direct connects, consolidators, LCC providers, OTAs and other travel content providers.
  • 24x7x365 monitoring for travel businesses for every transaction facilitated through AWS data centers24×7 monitoring is simplified, for travel businesses in a highly complex and competitive environment. Every transaction facilitated through our AWS data centers is monitored for availability, reliability, performance and scale. At the same time, additional servers are added and removed dynamically with changes in the traffic pattern.
  • Breadth of ready integrations with leading travel inventory suppliersBreadth of ready integrations with sceptr enables travel businesses to focus on growth. sceptr already provides integrations with all GDSs, 25 leading hotel suppliers, and direct connects with all major car rental companies, activity and transfer providers, LCC inventory as well as consolidators. Competing on inventory and pricing, is a worry of the past.

Features of sceptr - A Unified XML API For Travel Supplier Integration

  • Easy xml integration for leading travel content suppliersSingle XML integration to efficiently manage all travel content aggregated from various GDSs, suppliers and wholesalers for airlines, hotel chains and car rental companies.
  • 3rd party integration support to integrate with other travel booking platforms3rd party integrations for travel businesses, to easily integrate with other travel booking platforms are easy with sceptr’s 3rd party integration support.
  • Flaw detection to identify issues & take corrective actionsFlaw detection with standardized error messages, make it easier to identify issues and take corrective actions to rectify repetitive error patterns and issues.
  • Highly scalable sceptr web services can handle huge volumes of trafficDesigned for high scalability and availability making sceptr web services capable of handling huge volumes of traffic by adding resources on the fly.
  • Sceptr offers travel businesses log reports of all transactions to track business activitiesMonitoring transactions by means of log reports of all transactions with sceptr and suppliers, enables travel businesses to keep track on business transactions.
  • High performance and faster response to availability requests with caching of resultsCaching of results enables sceptr users to respond faster to the availability requests, resulting in high performance and good customer service.


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