Key Challenges

Multi-tenant (client) software products today, deal with challenges of maintaining different user experiences at the same time maximizing code reuse, to keep the cost and effectiveness of technology under control.

  1. Multiple user experience requires multiple codebases to equip travel businesses with quick time to market and complete flexibility for each website created under one parent organization. Over a period, it becomes a maintenance problem causing either limitations’ in flexibility or increase in cost of change.
  2. High cost of making small changes is a reality, due to the monolithic nature of website development. Every change that is to be made to the travel website is weighed first against the cost and its impact on the rest of the ecosystem. This is yet another challenge faced by travel businesses.
  3. Language and culture support are still, treated as big projects that seriously hamper the speed at which business could expand in different markets. After all these years, front ends of travel booking websites and portals are still not built keeping international audience in mind, despite the boom in transnational travel.
  4. Marketing and creative departments are dependent on IT teams for any changes to be made for user experience, visual appeal, A/B testing, SEO, campaigns, content changes and any improvements that businesses would like to realize in a website. Without the help of the IT teams, these changes cannot be made and pushed live quickly.

The Solution

  • Widget based technology for "build once use again" featuresBuild once to create different user experiences with templar’s widget based technology that allows parts of websites (widgets) to be customized for look and feel without writing the code for this feature again, providing much reuse. These widgets can be used across websites and pages.
  • Customize only your website without affecting othersCustomize websites without impacting other affiliate websites and pages. Easily make changes to one website without affecting other websites running on the same core codebase. Developers can also replace existing widgets with their own, hence extending functionality at will.
  • Easy internationalization with support for multiple languages & culture data management toolInternationalization made easy for travel businesses. As templar supports multiple languages and cultures with automatic culture identification, dynamic website changes, easy-to-use language and culture data management tool, as well as guidelines for developers to build better widgets to cater to different cultures.
  • Collaborative platform for marketers, creative teams, developers & business usersCollaborative platform enables marketers, creative teams and business users to collaborate on various aspects of websites, with developers. Easily make changes to web pages, style sheets, images, content, messages, as well as website templates and manage them without being dependent on developers, as they focus on building new features.

Features of templar - A White-Label Travel Website Development Software

  • Easy drag-and-drop features with multiple domain and site supportEasy drag-and-drop features to create web pages with the help of multiple domain support and multiple sites which can run on a single instance.
  • High levels of customization for templates, layouts, widgets, features etc.High levels of customization for configuring every aspect of the website – templates and layouts. Widgets can be created, customized and reused for different functions.
  • Easy to deploy platform with support for SSL pages and on-page SEOEasy to deploy once created, can be made live immediately. Out-of-the-box support for pages on SSL, SEO and page routing configurations is also provided.
  • Efficient administration with security, access control & role based restrictionEfficient administration with sophisticated security and inbuilt access control with granular access settings, allowing users to specify roles and restrictions for other users.
  • Isolation feature to preview and compare web page versionsIsolation of live and current views providing options to compare and fine-tune designs. Strong isolation features with the ability to preview and compare versions.
  • Track activities with detailed reports and analysisTrack activities with detailed reports about unhandled and logged exceptions, cache statistics, feedback reports and scheduled pages available for analysis.


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