Key Challenges

Irrespective of the size and type of travel business – B2B agency, host agency, DMC or an online travel agency, businesses face a diverse set of challenges in their journey to success.

  1. Technology costs are increasing while the margins are decreasing. Adding a wide variety of travel content providers, creating a platform that can cater to the changes as per your business requirements, training and maintaining an experienced team while reducing time to market is challenging.
  2. Finding a comprehensive travel platform is a challenge, especially a platform which is adaptable to your business needs. Travel business is not just about booking engines, but also about globalization, user experience, travel verticals, mid-office and back-office automation, customer service, data security, inventory management and travel content.
  3. User experience and mobility are as important as customer service, to succeed in the marketplace. Customer expectations are increasing, and competition is making advances quickly, desktop usage is reducing and customer loyalty is as good as the shopping experience otherwise a hard earned customer is lost forever.
  4. Change is constant, starting from what customers expect, how a business needs change, what content providers offer, how airlines do business and how differentiation needs to be created. Keeping pace with them as well as rallying technology to match up, is an arduous task for travel businesses the world over.

The Solution

  • Go to market quickly with a ready-to-use online travel booking engine - travelnxtGo to market quickly with a ready-to-use booking engine, setup and configured, even customized as per your business needs and goals within weeks. From a custom visual appeal, to your selected travel content providers, travelnxt enables travel businesses to launch their brand almost immediately.
  • travelnxt is a comprehensive online travel booking engine with pre-integrated travel content providersAll under one roof with this comprehensive travel booking engine, the sky is the limit. travelnxt includes a customizable user experience, with all major travel providers pre-integrated, mid-office and back-office process automation, reporting, business rules, B2B and B2C models, all available as custom or cloud deployment models.
  • Online travel booking engine - travelnxt, gives multi-device, multi-platform powerful online booking experience across browsers on desktops, tablets and mobile devicesGo multi-device with a powerful booking experience which is compatible with desktops, tablets and mobile devices. Empower your travel business with travelnxt to ensure your end customers are served on every platform, browser, operating system and device without spending additional money and effort.
  • Expand your travel business with the flexibility of customizable online travel booking engine - travelnxtExpand your business model as well as carve your niche at any given time. Equip your business with the flexibility of travelnxt to create custom brands, rich content, differential business rules, various integration models and lastly, diverse business models including B2C, B2B, OTA, DMC and travel consolidators.

Features of travelnxt - A PCI DSS Compliant Online Booking Engine

  • Online travel booking engine - travelnxt, offers user-friendly interface with a unique shopping cart based flowUser-friendly interface with a unique shopping cart based flow for saving, sharing and offering user-defined packages and itineraries with the support of multiple languages and currencies.
  • Offer your travel inventory through online travel booking engine - travelnxtOffer your inventory such as air, hotel, car, activity and insurance, using a secure PCI DSS compliant online booking engine, integrated with leading GDSs and consolidators.
  • Share your negotiated travel inventory to affiliate networks through travel inventory management systemInventory management system to load negotiated inventories of hotels, cars, activities, and offer travel inventory through booking websites or affiliate networks.
  • Manage mid-office and back-office travel agency operations through travel agency management software - travelnxt Travel agency management software to manage mid and back-office operations, affiliate networks, track reports and supervise routine agency operations efficiently.
  • Manage markups and commissions with online booking software - travelnxtMarkups and commission management is effortless, with this robust online booking software. Store and sell inventory to B2B, B2C and B2B2C businesses across the globe.
  • Online travel booking - travelnxt, also offers customer service tools to serve your travel customersCustomer service tools to track customer information, tickets, issues, requests, transaction history, feedback reports, and assign tasks within the organization.
  • Online travel booking engine - travelnxt, offers customizable email templates to manage post-booking actionsManage post-booking actions easily with travelnxt’s customizable email templates for – booking confirmations and cancellations, schedule change notifications and payment authentications.
  • Promote custom travel packages through online booking system with static tour and package builderStatic tour and package builder for creating, publishing and marketing multi-day static packages along with complex tour itineraries on the go, and offer them through your online booking system.


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