Key Challenges

The complexities of online distribution and the requirement of highly competitive content for quick onboarding and circulation to make numbers, pose diverse challenges for every travel agency.

  1. Bringing off-line online is difficult as not every hotel, activity, excursion provider or tour operator can put its inventory online. In some cases, it needs to be sold within a private network than to open public. It is difficult for agencies to bring all that business online and selectively, choose where to sell.
  2. Distribution for business growth requires reaching out to local distribution channels and other such partners, who can re-sell the travel content to their customers, hence creating a win-win situation for everyone. However, travel agencies continue their struggle to make leaps through local distribution in selling travel content.
  3. Growth in uncharted markets is difficult to predict, leave aside plan. Customers constantly approach travel agencies for travel plans in markets that are not their strong markets. It is difficult for travel businesses to tap into a private inventory network  through other travel agencies which are strong in those markets.
  4. Staff productivity, management and attrition are a few concerning challenges faced by every travel agency across the globe. The issues of having trained staff, helping them be more productive, ensuring operations are not dependent on a single person and dealing with situations when staff members leave. Makes business as usual difficult.

The Solution

  • innventia is a travel inventory management system for travel businessesTravel inventory management system for travel businesses to quickly place their negotiated contracts and rates for hotels, transfers, tours, excursions and activities in an organized manner. This travel inventory management system enables travel businesses to offer this inventory easily to customers and partners of their choice.
  • innventia enables distrubution of contracted travel inventory with affiliatesDistributing contracted inventory is effortless with innventia. As this travel inventory management system enables travel businesses to offer their unique and contracted inventory through XML APIs, agent booking tools and a white-label travel booking engine to partners, customers, OTAs and other agents with ease, control and efficiency.
  • Share your inventory with other innventia customersExchange with peers at the convenience of a click, is simple with this travel management system. Easily discover other DMCs, tour operators, travel agencies and wholesalers across various markets, who are customers of innventia and share inventory with each other to offer deals to customers for new markets.
  • Share your inventory with other innventia customersFocusing on sales becomes much easier with this simple and supported platform, with contracts and sales moving out of excel and pdf files into this travel inventory management system. The innventia team provides training, onboarding support and contract-loading services to help this process become faster and sustainable.

Features of innventia - A Comprehensive Travel Inventory Management System

  • Easily manage hotel and activity rates of your contracted inventoryManage activity and hotel rates as well as inventory effortlessly with innventia. Quickly add, update and modify activity and hotel rates, as per your contracted travel inventory.
  • Add rich content like images, description & amenities for hotelsAdd rich content for hotels such as high-definition images, descriptions and amenities as per your contracted travel inventory and easily create a niche for end customers.
  • Manage different types of pricing like, per person / occupancy / unitRate management support for different types of pricing – per person, per occupancy or per unit, enables users to define and publish to the online booking platform.
  • Easily configure offers and discounts for online bookingPay and stay discounts are simple to configure. Create and publish unique offers and discounts to online booking websites in a matter of minutes.
  • Configure different rates for domestic and foreign travelersNationality specific rates are easy to define. Users can define rates for domestic and foreign travelers and also instantly publish on the travel booking platform.
  • API support to integrate your inventory with online booking platformAPI support for 3rd party integrations, enables travel businesses to integrate seamlessly with other online travel booking platforms for rate publishing services, searching, booking and cancellations.
  • On request hotel support for handling last minute booking requestsOn request hotel support for handling last-minute booking requests from end customers. Easily manage inventory allocations with suppliers and ensure fulfillment of bookings.
  • Two-step confirmation of booking fulfillmentTwo-step confirmation of the booking fulfillment process for travel businesses to efficiently manage last-minute bookings and manage inventory allocations for end customers.


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