Key Challenges

Travel is a multi-channel industry growing at a rapid pace not only for the distribution of descriptive hotel content, but also for sourcing of hotel rates and inventory as well.

  1. Lack of standardization in descriptive hotel content – Name, Address, Geocode, Star Ratings, Amenities and Images, results in the display of duplicate and erroneous content on travel websites, which ultimately leads to irate customers. Travel businesses spend thousands of dollars to fix, manage and update stale hotel content, every month.
  2. Lack of automated technologies to manage large volumes of hotel content  aggregated from multiple sources through their XML API’s, FTP data feeds, excel files and data exports poses a significant challenge for travel businesses. It is almost impossible for agents to check the content manually and ensure it is accurate and up-to-date.
  3. Complexity in hotel ID mapping often results in duplicate or erroneous data and limits business rules for pricing, yield management and distribution. It is an arduous task for agents to identify each property aggregated individually from all suppliers and take action, to map into a single unique list of hotels.
  4. Inaccurate geolocation of hotels displayed on travel websites often leads to disruptions and unhappy customers. It is this inaccurate geolocation displayed on travel websites, which leaves end customers struggling to find the exact location of the property, hotel or activity site booked through online travel booking websites.

The Solution

  • Real time, automated content standardication to display on your websiteAutomated content standardization is done real-time using this hotel content syndication system. The system automatically identifies the most up-to-date static descriptive and media content to display on travel booking websites in a standardized format that is both accurate and visually appealing.
  • clarifi enabled change management and delivery automation of supplier's hotel contentChange management and delivery automation is achieved easily as clarifi promptly informs users of any changes or updates made to the supplier’s content. clarifi checks the content periodically to ensure high-quality publishable content is delivered to you in real-time and is completely automated.
  • clarifi creates unique hotel ids eliminating duplication of hotel contentCreates unique hotel IDs as the system automatically aggregates all hotel content from permitted sources such as GDSs, Suppliers, as well as Consolidators. clarifi further maps them according to its smart identification management system and de-duplicates all aggregated hotel content.
  • clarifi validates geocodes of hotels to accurately display geographical location on mapGeocode validation ensures the display of accurate geographical locations of hotels on travel websites, so that end customers can reach their destination quickly, using a map. The system also takes real-time feedback from customers and travel agents to rectify discrepancies in hotel content description.

Features of clarifi - Real-Time Hotel Mapping And Descriptive Content Delivery System

  • Unified master hotel database to avoid duplication of hotel contentUnified master hotel database to avoid duplication of content, where each hotel property aggregated carries a unique hotel ID along with the hotel IDs sent by suppliers.
  • QC routine checks for accurate and up-to-date hotel contentQC routine checks ensure accurate and up-to-date hotel content for end customers on travel websites, by automatically segregating good content from the bad.
  • Single API for hotel contentSingle API for hotel content downloaded from multiple suppliers enables travel businesses to increase coverage, to be able to offer more hotels to end customers.
  • Stay up-to-date all the time with any hotel content updatesStay up-to-date at all times with clarifi content sync-bots which continuously search its servers for any hotel content updates and tracks the smallest of changes.
  • clarifi allows customization of hotel descriptionCustomize hotel descriptions and keep end customers informed as clarifi enables users to add and edit the availability of amenities offered by hotels.
  • High-definition hotel images for rich user experienceAmplify your user experience with high-definition images of hotels and add to the aesthetic appeal of travel booking websites quickly, for a rich user experience.
  • Reports and notifications of hotel content updatesReports and notifications along with system alerts summarizing hotel content updates, customizations, de-duplications and errors corrected in the master database.
  • clarifi enables run marketing campaigns for specific hotelsRun marketing campaigns on specific hotel properties, offering greater margins. Add promotional content to hotel descriptions and attract travelers to book hotels.


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