Key Challenges

Travel mid-office operations and fulfillment consist of various agent-driven business processes, especially for GDS/air travel. Travel agencies are constantly challenged, by information integration and business process automation across software systems.

  1. Need of agents for GDS/air travel operations in order to be informed about PNR QC, ticketing, schedule changes, cancellations, void bookings, exchanges, refunds, fraud checks and invoicing. Every aspect requires agents to work through the GDS and keep customers happy. With reducing margins, this human cost is impacting profitability worldwide.
  2. Keeping customers informed during their travel life-cycle is challenging. Customer service is expected to be aware of every change affecting the trip / PNR like ticket issues, schedule changes, seat changes, voids, cancellations and payment issues. Agents must inform customers the moment these changes happen, failing to do so results in unhappy customers.
  3. The divide between online and offline often results in travel booking engines displaying incorrect information as there are a high number of changes made by agents, airlines, hotels, customers and CRS outside the booking engine. Showing customers incorrect information when they must see the most up-to-date status is a sure recipe for unhappy customers.
  4. Speed of service is of utmost importance, with the information age it is not only critical but expected. Customers today, expect their tickets within moments of booking their travel tickets, as against the outdated practice, where customers would wait to receive their tickets within 24 hours as was the norm few years back.

The Solution

  • Cross GDS process automation with synchron enables travel businesses to optimize efficiencyCross GDS process automation with synchron enables travel businesses to optimize efficiency. It seamlessly automates various processes such as queue management, PNR change monitoring, QC, ticketing, changes, void, schedule change notifications, debit memo prevention and other processes across all GDS systems, reducing human cost in these critical areas.
  • synchron enables effortless third party system integration like booking engineThird party system integration is effortless with synchron as it integrates with any booking engine, web services and database based systems corresponding to custom needs for the supported and ever evolving business processes. It ensures that any dependent system can be integrated seamlessly to bridge the gap between offline and online activities.
  • Effective real-time customer notification with continuously running robotic process of synchronReal-time customer notifications are effortless for businesses, as synchron follows a robotic process by continuously running and scanning PNRs for actions, activities and changes. It notifies travelers and customers regarding every change, reminder or attention they need information about. It enables businesses to increase their effectiveness for customer service.
  • Managed solution and dashboard for high-level as well as granular reportsManaged solution and dashboard equip travel businesses and agents with reports to view not only a high-level picture, but also the ability to drill down every PNR, as well as details of activities and changes. synchron presents several out-of-the-box business processes, which are completely customizable to suit agency needs and operating models.

Features of synchron - A Business Process Automation And Data Synchronization Software

  • Effortless customer notification with automated notification fearture of synchronTicketing notifications to inform end customers about their booking confirmation and ticket reservation, is effortless for travel businesses with synchron’s automated notifications feature.
  • Schedule change notifications to intimate end customersSchedule change notifications to intimate end customers, in case of any schedule changes made by the airline for specific flights with booked tickets.
  • Easily manage void notifications for end customersVoid notifications are easily managed for synchron users, where end customers who are eligible for a refund are notified instantly by synchron’s automated notifications feature.
  • Automated cancellation and refund notificationsCancellation and refund notifications are automatically sent to end customers to intimate them, in case of ticket cancellations and ticket refunds processed on cancelled PNRs.
  • Easily assign best seats for end customers and update as per schedule changesSeat assignment and updates are easy to manage for synchron users. Travel businesses can quickly monitor and assign the best-available seats as per customer requests or airline schedule changes.
  • Miscellaneous transaction alerts are efficiently managed for synchron usersMiscellaneous transaction alerts for end customers, in case of fraud prevention and declined credit card payments, are efficiently managed for synchron users.
  • Easily manage segment status codes preventing agency debit memos & fee paid to the GDSSegment status codes such as HX/UC/NO/UN for stale bookings are easily managed for users, thereby preventing agency debit memos and decreasing the fee paid to the GDS for segment bookings.
  • Unconfirmed segments for hotel bookings are managed efficiently for synchron usersUnconfirmed segments for hotel bookings are managed efficiently for synchron users, by enabling them to check bookings against the supplier list and accordingly, call for action items.


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