Key Challenges

In travel business, customers, users and organization security (for affiliates, partners, and distribution channels), profiles, configurations as well as rules, are key to track and control the most-important factors in business.

  1. Users come from all places as they onboard to business platforms by registering with social logins, B2B partner as well as B2E organization websites. In addition to which, they may have multiple roles across different business systems in an enterprise. It is a challenge to manage their authentication and profiles, all the time.
  2. Data security and privacy is an industry norm, not followed by most travel businesses today. Managing data stored and scattered across profiles, which is private and personally identifiable is challenging by itself. Additionally, security audits, access control and audit trails can prove to be a nightmare for businesses.
  3. Personalization is a far cry for travel businesses as the laws, policies, rules and configurations are hierarchical. It is almost impossible to sort and set rules as well as configurations for the seventh user of your third affiliate that signed up to your B2B network. Granularity creates customer delight.
  4. Roles, powers and audits are challenging to define and track. Administrative users have higher powers and may be able to change key configurations, rules and policies within the enterprise. As business functions increase in scale and criticality, it is difficult to track such actions and trail of events.

The Solution

  • Managing Individual UsersComprehensive and centralized security, authentication, authorization, rules, policies, configurations for users and profile services are effortless with this user and affiliate management application. It is a cloud hosted service, as well as distribution oriented B2B online travel application that is reliable and highly scalable, where single sign-on, social sign-on and profile sharing between applications is seamless.
  • Maintaining SecurityData security and privacy is ensured as per industry standards as vexiere is PCI PA-DSS compliant and hosted on a secure facility. This user authentication management application equips travel businesses with strong access control that prevents unauthorized data access by support applications for roles and policies. It complies with various industry and security standards.
  • Managing Multiple Applications with SSOHierarchical rules, policies, configurations and access control are easy for travel businesses to define and assign. As vexiere follows a hierarchical and inherited directory structure for rules, access control, configurations and policies, not only to trickle down to every user, but also personalize them to every ‘node’ in a multi-level parent-child ‘tree.’
  • Consumer Behavior and Data AnalyticsAudit trails are easy to track for travel businesses with this user authentication management application. As vexiere, provides support for audit trails corresponding to the power users’ activities and access governed by access control. Crucial changes and access to the entire enterprise user base are kept on record for investigations and accountability.

Features of vexiere - A User Profile And Authentication Management Application

  • potential-customersQuick onboarding of affiliates, as well as partners to travel business platforms, and maintain organizational hierarchy as per business requirements.
  • flexible-individualUser profile management for affiliates, partners and users, is quick with vexiere’s automated features that enable businesses to create, modify and manage user profiles.
  • secure-userSecure user authentication and management as one way encrypted values. Authenticate and manage user profiles, as well as configurations with PCI PA-DSS compliance.
  • individual-permissionDefine permissions and access rights by simply setting and also defining access rights and permissions as per business requirements, among affiliates, as well as partners.
  • customer-experienceSeamless customer experience through the Single Sign-On (SSO) and Social Sign-On features to produce a suite of applications and helps integrate them into a large multifaceted technology platform.
  • efficient-affiliateOrganization management is easy with vexiere’s session log reports to keep track on activities and operations taking place within the parent organization and among affiliates, as well as partners.
  • Managing hierarchical data from the parent organization with vexiere is simple. Users have complete control over crucial organizational data which business affiliates and partners can access.
  • Maintaining contextualized data settings and configurations for travel businesses to drive the behavior of front-office or back-office of affiliates and partners such as branding, themes, and templates are easy.


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