Key Challenges

Travel businesses are constantly being challenged by the need of leveraging technology to address business and operational goals, faster and better.

  1. Slow onboarding of brands and partners due to the traditional approach, practiced by travel businesses to-date is responsible for inefficient day-to-day business operations. Travel businesses continue to invest heavily in terms of time and resources by deploying large manual teams for the same.
  2. Dependency on technology team to manage, monitor and update business rules such as commissions, markups for affiliates and partners, as well as making changes in point of sale for multiple suppliers around the clock, is largely responsible for avoidable delays.
  3. Data is available everywhere, but deriving relevant information and actionable intelligence from numbers and core data is tough. Tracking every piece of information through vast amounts of data for reconciling accounts and fulfilling daily business requirements, is a challenge.
  4. Lack of information to service customers and partners better, has the potential to put the credibility of your travel business at stake. Where retrieving and keeping track of individual customer and partner profiles is difficult, when travel businesses continue to run operations manually.

The Solution

  • Quick onboarding of affiliates & partners with travel management system, bizconnectQuick onboarding of brands, affiliates and partners, is easy with this travel management system. The process that would take days is now possible in a matter of minutes with bizconnect, minus bundles of paperwork and dependency on the technology team.
  • Comprehensive management dashboard for granular control on business rulesGranular control on business rules through bizconnect’s comprehensive management dashboard is easily achieved. The management dashboard enables users to view, configure and make changes to individual business rules and configure individual POS for suppliers, and assign to affiliates, as well as partners efficiently.
  • Agency management software dashboard for informed & quick decisions on supply, margins & salesInformed and quick decisions on supply, margins and sales are simplified through the travel agency management software’s comprehensive management dashboard. Business owners can effortlessly track partner and affiliate credits against the total inventory allotted to them respectively.
  • Travel CRM software to easily track customer information & quick customer serviceInformation at your fingertips to service customers and manage operations better is available at the click of a button through this travel CRM software. Users can easily track customer information, transaction history, feedbacks, reports, and equips business owners with actionable information.

Features of bizconnect - A Mid and Back-Office Travel Agency Management Software

  • Sales and operations dashboard for quick operations & optimized efficiencySales and operations dashboard enables travel businesses to track, as well as manage sales and crucial business operations quickly and also helps optimizing efficiency. 
  • Quick and easy onboarding of agencies & affiliates with automated featuresQuick and easy onboarding for agencies and affiliates is achieved through automated features, where users can also control access rules for affiliates and partners easily.
  • Manage websites efficiently with easy to use agency management systemManage websites efficiently without IT help. The agency management system equips users to create and modify websites, and also launch promotions for sub-agencies and affiliates quickly.
  • Control yields effectively through a comprehensive yield management consoleControl yields effectively through a comprehensive yield management console that enables users to configure, monitor and modify markups, service fees, discounts, as well as commission rules.
  • Quick search feature to filter out customer detailsQuick search feature enables travel business to filter out the details of customers, reservations and emails quickly, to provide end customers with seamless customer experience.
  • Sliced and diced reports for actionable informationSliced and diced reports from sales to reconciliation are easy for users to access and enables business owners to filter out relevant, actionable information.
  • Efficiently fullfil service requests with user-friendly agency management consoleService requests from customers, affiliates and partners can be fulfilled in an organized and efficient manner by means of the user-friendly agency management console.
  • Monitor and regularize business rules with user-friendly business management consoleMonitor and regularize sales as well as rules for your brands and affiliates through bizconnect’s user-friendly business management console with granular control.


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