Hospitality sector is highly competitive and dynamic. Technology is not a choice but a key part of your differentiator and success. With the fast changing landscape of technology, new business opportunities emerge. Whether your challenge is about ease of distribution or increasing direct bookings via mobiles/websites or integrating disparate systems (PMS, CRS etc.) or keeping pace with the continuous need of content updates on your website, we are here to help.

We specialize in

  • Channel Management Services for Hospitality IndustryChannel Management
    Implementing your distribution strategy relying on combination of various distribution channels like GDS, switches etc. requires investment in building connectivity to these distribution systems.
  • Hospitality Industry Services - Integrations with PMS,CRS, Channel Manager etc.Integrations
    We can address your troubles, especially, where it gets hard to keep up with the need of integrating various systems. GDSs, PMS, CRS, Switches, Payment Gateways, CRM, Sales tools etc., we have lot of experience in integrations of various kinds.
  • Internet Booking Engine Service for Hospitality IndustryInternet Booking Engine
    Whether you are a hotel chain, or into specialty lodging, the ability to allow direct bookings over internet with a better control over your distribution cost and will provide a seamless direct channel to discover your property plan and book. We understand that the IBE is critical part of your marketing plan where lookers are converted into bookers.
  • CMS Tools and Application Building Services for Hospitality IndustryContent Management
    Whether it is Marketing, Sales, Intranet Applications or Guest Centric Applications, the needs of managing content of different kind, providing an access control as well as applying content strategies all rely on CMS tools. We have a wide experience in various CMS tools and building applications that perform various content syndication activities.