Corporate Travel

Whether you are a TMC, looking to enhance your platform, or you are a leisure travel business organization wishing to venture into the corporate travel business, we can help you. Sit back; concentrate on your business while we do the venturing and enhancement for you.

We specialize in:

  • Corporate Travel Booking Engine Building ServiceCorporate Travel Booking Engine
    Extensibility, flexibility, ability to support complex rules are the key factors that drive the success of a corporate booking engine. We understand how to really make a booking engine with all these facets.
  • Profile Management Module in Corporate Booking EngineProfile Management
    An efficient way of managing all the employee profiles in a corporate booking engine is a pre-requisite to start using it. Ease of getting the profile data and being able to update it with ease makes it all the more effective.
  • Expense Management Module in Corporate Booking EngineExpense Management
    Budgeting and spending in corporate travel and being able to see both, allow organizations to be always in control of the budget and expense. This module needs to be extremely detailed at every level for the stakeholders.
  • Policy Compliance Module in Corporate Booking EnginePolicy Compliance
    Every organization has varied degrees of complexity of rules they would want to support for their corporate travel needs. Policy engine that can support all the levels of compliance when constructing a corporate booking engine.