Dedicated Delivery Centre

We offer in house technology and domain expertise for your use at outsourced prices.

You would have a dedicated team of professionals working for you from our facility. Leave it to us to take care of the right set of talents for you by deducing all your cost and pain involved in the hiring process. We also take care of attrition and ensure enough backups to avoid disruption to the team’s throughput. This is a unique model because it is both commercially viable and operates very efficiently.

Here are a few quick advantages of this model:

  • 100% dedicated team for your business100% dedicated team for your business
  • Flexibility to scale up and down as per your business needsFlexibility to scale as per your business needs
  • Complete delivery responsibility is on us, no overheads at your endComplete delivery responsibility
    on us
  • Benefits of having a team of experienced, skilled and professional developers who have domain expertiseA team of experienced professionals & domain expert
  • Knowledge management and trainings handled by the team with minimal help from your endKnowledge management & trainings handled by the team
  • Can comprise of one or more small teams working on different projectsCan comprise of one or more small teams working on different projects