1. 360 Degree Support For Travel Companies

    • Technology Support & Contact Center 

      tavisca provides a responsive online support system that quickly resolves rare technical issues and is available to our customers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Bank on our engineers to be available to you online via chat and through social media for instant troubleshooting. We stand by our products, along with our fundamental guarantee of support, available free to all our customers subscribing to our SaaS offerings. Our emergency phone support is available globally and ensures that our engineers are available for providing quick resolutions to support critical business needs.

    • Supplier/ Inventory Advisory 

      Having worked with leading global suppliers and wholesalers of air, hotel, car, activity, tours, insurance inventory and payment gateways, we continuously assist travel companies to evaluate and connect with the right suppliers for their business. Our API integrations with over 50 suppliers have been active for several years and are built with the technical assurance that even suppliers agree to be the best in the world. We work closely with travel businesses and suppliers, ensuring supplier API’s are fast, and the technical integration with suppliers is of the highest quality.

    • Hotel Content Standardization 

      Travel business is not just about technology working flawlessly, but also about the accuracy of content you show to your customers. Our hotel content standardization support ensures that the descriptive hotel content seen by end customers and employees on your travel booking engine is always accurate and up-to-date.

  2. Business Operations Support

    • Contract Loading & Management Support

      tavisca offers dedicated contract-loading support for managing contracted hotel and activity inventories. Staffed by people with extensive experience in travel trade, our contract-loading services ensure that your contracted inventory is always up-to-date and visible to your end customers accurately.

    • Back-Office Operations & End Customer Support

      tavisca’s operations support team works on behalf of our customers in offering voice and email based support to their end customers and affiliates.

    • Marketing Services

      Whether you are a B2C travel business or a B2B host agency, your online marketing initiative defines how your brand grows. tavisca’s B2C and B2B marketing services work with you to create an online brand and market across contemporary online channels. Covering a wide range of activities from on-page and off-page SEO, affiliate marketing campaigns and online PR, tavisca’s marketing services ensure that travel businesses have a reliable partner in managing their online marketing and branding efforts.

    • Training

      Ensuring that your employees, affiliates and sub-agencies have a hands-on experience in using technology is critical for smooth functioning of your travel brand. tavisca offers extensive technology product training to all its customer’s employees. Train the trainer programs ensure that your employees can propagate the knowledge of using our products for your end customers and affiliates.

    • travelnxt live – The Travel Technology Knowledge Forum For Travel Professionals

      Finally, we consider ourselves as part of the travel trade fraternity. tavisca supports travelnxt live, a travel technology knowledge forum that provides advisory services to travel business professionals in-depth to understand and evaluate travel technology better, through insightful webinars, articles and thought papers.