• bizconnect

    A mid and back-office travel agency management software, which equips travel businesses with tools to manage day-to-day agency functions, starting from operations to revenue acquisition management.

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  • Flight-Booking Business Fights On and Succeeds With "travelnxt" Technology Platform
  • Flight-Booking Business Fights On and Succeeds

    “As travel products go, selling flight bookings online is the toughest and the most competitive business there is. You really need to get your technology act together to succeed in this business. This means showing results quickly and accurately, managing complex markup scenarios across carriers, markets and seasons and automating communication to customer post booking so that the customer is always appraised of the status of the booking”

    -A travel website focused on flights business in the North American markets

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  • Our Expertise

    WE ARE A TRAVEL TECHNOLOGY COMPANY Empowering Millions Of Travel Bookings For Our Customers Every Year

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  • Travel Agency

    Adoption Of Technology Is Beyond Growth/ Technology, For Growth And …

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  • innventia - Travel inventory management system to manage negotiated inventory in travel business
  • Launch of innventia (IMS) 2.0 Simplifies The Approach To Manage Negotiated Inventory

    tavisca, March 25, 2014 –: tavisca solutions today announced the launch of ‘innventia 2.0’ a cohesive system to manage rates and inventory for hotels, transfers and activities. The version 2.0 of tavisca’s inventory management system ‘innventia’ allows users to manage occupancies and board basis in a more flexible and comprehensive manner. Announcing the launch of […]

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  • Selling tours on Facebook Home App! Is it relevant to travel industry?
  • Tavisca Solutions Launches Online Marketing Services for Travel Businesses

    Tavisca Solution, India, Pune 8th January 2014: tavisca solution, a leading travel technology products and service provider, today announced the launch of Online Marketing Services for travel businesses who are on tavisca’s ‘travelnxt’ booking platform, to help them, and their teams implement go-to market strategies and increase brand awareness across multiple online channels. tavisca solution, India, Pune 8th […]

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