• Online Travel Booking Engine & Agency Management Software - travelnxt
  • travelnxt

    A PCI DSS compliant online travel booking engine pre-integrated with over 50 travel inventory suppliers, empowering B2B, B2C and B2B2C businesses across the travel industry.

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  • vexire
  • vexiere

    A centralized application for user profile and authentication management for enterprises, with SSO, configuration and policy management, access control, role management and profile sharing features.

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  • How To Grow Your Host-Based Travel Agency Network
  • How To Grow Your Host – Based Agency Network And Add Longevity?

    “Though we are currently still in the beta phase, the problems and delays in adding new affiliate members to one’s B2B travel network is troublesome. In addition to which, the aggressive competition in the industry does not help expansion especially when managing numerous affiliate members is difficult enough, leave aside finding different ways to sustain these memberships.”

    – A startup host agency operating in the Canadian market.

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  • How Do You Scale-Up Your B2B Travel Business
  • How Do You Scale-Up Your B2B Business?

    “The biggest challenge is scaling-up the number of affiliates & sub-agencies that do business with us. It is a constant struggle between hiring more people to follow up with affiliates and keep them active. At the same time, we spend a lot of time and effort in communicating new products and offerings to keep affiliate members interested.”

    – An establish DMC and a host agency focused on South Asian markets

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  • How Do You Create Enduring Value For Each Member?
  • How Do You Create Enduring Value For Each Member?

    “A combination of the right supplier strategy, optimized markup management, and empowering members with self-help tools that really make a difference in booking travel – That is a recipe for making your members stick and flourish with your travel brand.”

    – One of North America’s largest membership-based travel brands

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  • innventia - Travel inventory management system to manage negotiated inventory in travel business
  • Launch of innventia (IMS) 2.0 Simplifies The Approach To Manage Negotiated Inventory

    tavisca, March 25, 2014 –: tavisca solutions today announced the launch of ‘innventia 2.0’ a cohesive system to manage rates and inventory for hotels, transfers and activities. The version 2.0 of tavisca’s inventory management system ‘innventia’ allows users to manage occupancies and board basis in a more flexible and comprehensive manner. Announcing the launch of […]

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