Tavisca Wins GPTW Award for the 6th Time!

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People@OurCenter is a series of conversations with HR leaders and influencers of Tavisca.

Why are we talking to them

To understand ‘anything’ and ‘everything’ Tavisca does as an organization to enhance Peoples’ Experiences and Workplace Experiences.

What are we discussing in this episode

In this podcast, Antra Virmani, HR Head at Tavisca, speaks to us about the Great Place To Work Award, Tavisca has won for the sixth time. She shares her insights with us on ‘Why Tavisca is a Great Place to Work In’ and the approach her team adopts to nurture a High-Trust, High- Performance culture in the organization. In this episode, Antra also talks to us about how Tavisca is building a remote employee experience on par with it’s in-person company culture during the pandemic.

About the Speaker

Antra Virmani heads the HR Function at Tavisca and has been with the organization since 2011. She plays a key role in providing strategic direction and leadership on the development of appropriate HR policies across the organization. She is passionate about advocating for diversity, inclusion and work-life balance practices. This avid traveler and food aficionado, when not working, spends her spare time on travelling and fitness endeavors.


  • Dhruva Krishnadas says:

    Fantastic podcast. The questions were well crafted and the answers were comprehensive. Anyplace that holds people at its center is a great place to work and Tavisca seems like one of those places.

  • Mechelle Fred Rhodes says:

    Hello and thank you for this podcast. Mechelle Fred Rhodes

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