Recruitment During The Pandemic

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What is People@OurCenter ?

People@OurCenter is a series of conversations with HR leaders and influencers of Tavisca. It is an attempt at understanding ‘anything’ and ‘everything’ Tavisca does as an organization to enhance Peoples’ Experiences and Workplace Experiences.

What is this episode about?

In this episode, Amit Bakshi, Tavisca’s Chief Human Resources Officer is joined by Manav Prasad (Head, Recruitment) and Varun Hatmode (Lead, Recruitment). They take us through a phenomenal journey of revamped hiring strategies, that helped the recruitment team hire 194 candidates during the pandemic. Redefining hiring models, implementing virtual hiring policies, relooking sourcing channels and leveraging technology for an enhanced candidate experience are some of the highlights of this episode. They also talk about how and why the pandemic has proved to be an opportunity for Tavisca’s recruiters to nurture high-quality talent pools, increase retention and strengthen employer branding endeavours.

About the Speakers

Manav Prasad heads talent at Tavisca. Prior to his assignment at Tavisca, he has worked with organizations like ThoughtWorks, Compassites, Saba Software. Manav’s passion lies in finding the right candidate for the organization, and he believes his people-centric nature brings a right mix of ‘empathy’ and ‘leadership’ to his role as a talent expert. Manav is an avid speaker at various HR Forums and reputed academic institutions. He enjoys mentoring and networking. When he is not working, he is busy enjoying long drives with his family and friends.

Varun Hatmode is an HR professional with about 15 years of industry experience. In the past, he has worked for organizations like KPIT Cummins, ThoughtWorks, PubMatic and SG Analytics. In his current role at Tavisca, he is responsible for devising and implementing TA strategies, that help Tavisca attract the right people into the organization. He loves networking with people and when not working, he likes to spend time with his family and travelling to new places.

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