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Leadership Pillars

Leaders exemplify qualities such as integrity, expertise, and diversity, and are committed to serve.

Their experienced footsteps, set examples for each member associated with Tavisca.

A Diverse Team Of Leaders & Technologists

Our Captains On Deck

Chief Executive Officer

Akash Sureka

Akash Sureka is the Chief Executive Officer at Tavisca. He is a serial entrepreneur with a successful exit to a public company. He has a diverse background, with more than 20+ years of work experience in technology products and business leadership domains. Some of his previous assignments include pivotal stints at global technology companies like NVIDIA, Bilcare, Persistent, Nokia, & Motorola and start-up unicorns like Icertis. Prior to joining Tavisca, Akash was a Founder & CEO of a global product start-up company in the mobile internet ecosystem. He was also the CEO of a SAAS company, later acquired by Software AG.

Akash has been nominated for the ‘Young Entrepreneur Award’ by Business World, Top 100 Asian Companies, and as a ‘Top Technology Pioneer’ by World Economic Forum. He recently got nominated as ‘Corporate Game Changer’ by European Corporate Vision magazine for his new corporate thought leadership. Akash has co-authored international publications like ‘Everything Guide To Mobile Apps.’ He currently serves as a board member to several global start-ups; and is advisory to Accelerators, VC’s, Angel Groups and similar organizations across diverse geographies.

Glenn D'Souza
Head of Platform Product Management

Glenn Dsouza

Glenn is the Head of Platform Product Management at Tavisca. With a wide-ranging background as a business consultant and product strategist, he has in the past, helped multiple enterprises build and establish their product strategy from scratch. He is known in the product fraternity for his humility and contagious passion for the ‘impact’ that every feature creates on the lives of users. A hands-on proponent of the Lean Start-up model and a servant leader to product managers, Glenn is a firm believer that it's as important to be a great human being, as it is to be a thorough professional. When he is not thinking and breathing ‘products’ at Tavisca, he is busy mentoring product enthusiasts and indulging in cooking, gardening, guitar, singing, dancing, and reading.
VP Technology

Rahul Pilkhwal

Rahul is passionate about technology and exploring ways of utilising the right technology to address user needs. As a co-founder of Tavisca and Cuspion, he has spent the last 15 years of his career, working for start-ups, conceptualising and creating products and platforms for large -scale use.

Rahul’s interests include learning new things especially around technology, business of technology, design thinking and playing sports. He is a Computer Science graduate from AIT, Pune

Head of DevSecOps Practices

Divjot Singh

Divjot Singh is the Head of Engineering Practices at Tavisca. In his current role, he drives the technology and engineering culture at Tavisca, with a deeper involvement in Cloud, Security, Data and Performance Practices on the product side of things. What Divjot loves at Tavisca is the innovation and ideation culture, embedded in all the product practices and processes.

Divjot’s personal desire of building a ‘Culture of Mastery,’ is an art, that he sees Tavisca being one of the early adopters of. He believes Tavisca’s people and its customers are the two most important currencies, and all the decisions taken inside and outside the workplace revolve around them. Apart from his primary role at Tavisca, Divjot spearheads technology meetups, Hackathon’s, Dev Days, and conferences to understand diverse perspectives and solutions for problems that exist outside the organisational boundaries. In his free time, he enjoys training people, travelling, and exploring emerging technology and product trends.

Ajay Dixit
Head of Engineering

Ajay Dixit

Ajay Dixit is the Head of Engineering for the Loyalty Platform at Tavisca. He is passionate about employing technology to solve customers’ problems. In his current role, he is responsible for building a strong team of motivated engineers, who build world class products for their businesses and customers. He loves Tavisca’s culture of “Product- led- Technology,” that focuses on solving the right set of problems and steers the organization in right direction.

Ajay is a tech enthusiast, who comes with 20+ years of work experience in the field of technology. Some of his prior engagements include stints at organizations such as iFlex Solutions, Oracle, Amazon and Expedia. In his free time, Ajay loves reading philosophy, travelling and spending time with nature. He is an alumnus of IIM Calcutta.

Head of Staffing, Branding and Operations

Maninder Singh Hira

Maninder Hira Heads some of the key operations functions at Tavisca. He spearheads strategic initiatives, capacity planning, vendor relations, L&D and Opeartions. In his current role, he is responsible for building healthy organisational & team structures, developing learning and Development strategies and ensure the site operations to ensure that the organization is future ready.
He brings 15+ years of experience in transition management, capacity planning and service delivery. Maninder is an expert at implementing standardised frameworks and processes, that empower strong governance and organisational change management. In his free time, he enjoys adventure, sports and travel.
Asmita Dutta
Head of Program Management

Asmita Dutta

Asmita is Head of Program Management at Tavisca.

In her current position, she leads programmes from inception to completion by defining requirements, identifying risks, managing deadlines and dependencies, and communicating with stakeholders in a transparent manner. She oversees the intricate operations of a business and ensures that all of its interconnected components run smoothly. She also facilitates collaboration that maximizes the efficiency of the organization.

Asmita highlights the significance of continuous process improvements to increase productivity and assists teams in concentrating on the creation of high-quality products while ensuring that we do things the right way.

She adores Tavisca's "people first" culture. She has been with Tavisca for more than a decade and has led multiple teams in the creation of world-class products. From a product and engineering perspective, she believes that the effective implementation of Agile can transform individuals and organizations.