Careers - Scala Developer

Who are we looking for?

A passionate developer who has a strong working knowledge of OOPS and functional programming principles. Standard Definitions and abbreviations don’t entice us that much.


Key Skills:

  • Well verse with Scala and Akka
  • Strong Java background, including Spring
  • Experience with web application frameworks like Spring Boot, Play & Spray
  • Unit Testing is an everyday affair and hence demands very good unit testing skills using tools like ScalaTest, Junit & TestNG
  • Understanding of relational databases, RESTful services and build tools like Maven, SBT & Gradle
  • Knows what and when to mock and have used frameworks like Mockito/Powermock
  • Version Control is treated as important as programming skills. Fluent with version control tools like Git and Bitbucket
  • Exposure to Agile/Scrum, TDD not in theory but in practice
  • Experience with Continuous Integration, Continuous Deployment, Static Code Analysis, Jenkins and SonarQube
  • Willingness to take ownership of technical solution and ensure technical expectations of deliverables are met
  • Strong communication skills along with the ability to articulate technical designs and concepts
  • Exposure to cloud and containerization would be a plus.
  • Hands-on experience in application development in an enterprise setup
  • Have good Understanding of Distributed Application Architecture


Developers at Tavisca: 

  • Believe in writing clean and maintainable code
  • Work with cutting-edge technologies like Akka, Docker, Reactive Programming, Functional programming languages and NoSQL databases
  • Are key technical influence in software architecture decisions
  • Are responsible for technical design and entire lifecycle of product development
  • Guide, mentor teams and others
  • Are a part of an open office culture which fosters knowledge sharing sessions
  • Work in a collaborative team environment; engage in discussions and team-wide communication such as daily Standups, tech rally, and pair programming, refactoring, code review
  • Love participating as a speaker, contributing to open source projects, writing blogs or article


What will you get?   

  • Awesome opportunity to work with Microservices architecture getting shipped on Cloud

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