The Symphony of Travel and Technology

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20 AUG, 2014

As a practice, based on aspiration, beauty, proportion as well as harmony, both travel and technology share a clear lineage. Today, through online travel technology, the travel and tourism industry can achieve new heights of growth and sustainability. Musical terms such as beat, dependability, synchronization, proportion, dynamics, along with articulation refer both to travel and technology, where the right blend of the two, is capable of creating wonders from sightseeing to symphonies.

Like music, travel has always been a means to relax, to escape from the boredom of day-to-day life and to feel happy. Technology works as a vital cord and helps travel service providers to package the total desired experience and present it to  the audience (traveler) on a global platform (www).

Travel technology is synchronizing travel distribution channels on an international level by creating efficient booking experience, shaping quality customer interactions, and offering the value that is expected by most-demanding customers.

In Order to Create a Symphony Which Works, the 5 Basic Online Travel Technology Tools That Everyone in the Travel Distribution Industry Should Use, Are:

Travel Booking Engine:  That powers any travel business to bring all travel content domestic or international under one roof. A travel booking engine that enables travel businesses to manage them as per the company’s business rules, customer preferences /demands and quickly offer them through an online travel e-commerce platform.

Travel Inventory Management System (IMS):  A strong IMS, that helps travel businesses to place, manage and share their contracted inventory, which in return increases efficiency as against handling bundles of paperwork.

Travel Back-Office Management System:  An easy-to-use back-office system that automates all major functions from operations to revenue management for an agency so that, agents can respond faster to customers, be more competitive and manage yields better.

Travel Content Management System: A CMS that enables building and managing dynamic travel landing pages, marketing pages, offer pages and deals in a matter of minutes without any technical (software developer) help.

PNR and Post-Booking Service Management system: A tool that helps managing mid-office operations by synchronizing with GDS queues, reading changes in a PNR and sending notifications to agents and customers.

However, like music, creating meaningful, as well as reliable technology also requires talent, experience and expertise.  Select your technology composer wisely and evaluate them on the basis of their experience, make sure your technology partner understands the beats of the travel and tourism industry by heart.

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