The Coach Episode 3 – Training For Change and Transformation

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Training For Change and Transformation


A befuddled Slav stared at ‘The Coach.’

“I understand your bewilderment. “Let me assist you,” ‘The Coach’ offered.

Slav: Yes, I’m excited to get started on this adventure.

Coach: So, let’s begin with the first part, which is ‘Training.’

Slav: But why do we need to train? I’ve been in this business for more than a decade. I’ve seen it all, I know how things work, and I can make them function. And I’m an expert in a wide range of technologies. So, no, I don’t require any technical training. Let us not squander our time on it.

Coach: True, you are a technical expert and have been around for a long time; you certainly know a lot about a lot of things, but are things the same now as they were 15 years ago?

Slav: Obviously not, given how quickly things have evolved in the last 15 years. Everything has become ultrafast due to advancements in mobile communication technologies such as 5G and low-cost data. Not only has there been a paradigm shift in data transfer, but also in data utilization. Data is the new oil, and its widespread availability has ushered in a new era of mobile commerce and social media platforms, just like the availability of oil ushered in a boom in the automobile industry.

Coach: In terms of delivery and market reaction, you’ve been able to keep up with the quickly changing environment.

Slav: Would I have been here if I had?

Coach: So, your claim that you don’t require training isn’t true, isn’t it?

Slav: Okay, you’ve won! So, let’s get this over with.

Coach: Let’s get you ready for a full day of training over the weekend.

Slav: Is it only the training?

Coach: If you are diligent enough, you’ll pass the exam and receive a certificate.

Slav: So, at the end of it, I’ll be the ‘Change agent,’ right? I can already see brighter days ahead.

Coach: Hmmm….remember, becoming a “Change Agent” is only the beginning of the road, and training, like acknowledgment of the need for change, is required!!

Slav: So, after the training, what’s left?

Coach: Everything!!


After a couple of months….

With a 1000-watt smile, Slav walked into “The Coach’s” den. After a long period, he was happy.

‘The Coach’ inquired, ‘Looks like you earned yourself a certification, Slav.’

Slav: Without a doubt, with flying colors.

Coach: Congratulations.

Slav: Thank you; I’m ready to bring  in the change. Let us begin immediately. I’m all prepared now; what should I change?

Coach: Begin with the way your organization’s CEO thinks.

Slav: What?! Seriously? Am I to believe that a two-day course will alter the way the CEO of the organisation thinks?

Coach: You just stated that you are prepared.

Slav:  I am prepared to effect change within my present team.

Coach: How many members do you have on your team?

Slav: I lead a team of five technologists.

Coach: That is a small group.

Slav: Yes, and you want the leader of this ‘small team’ to influence the CEO’s thought process.

Coach: Indeed, I do.

Slav: But, how? I’m not selling a product to give him an elevator pitch. I wish to bring about change. It is not visible, and its potential impact is not immediately perceived.

Coach: That is why you must demonstrate that it will work.

Slav: How? My organization is too large for such a drastic shift to occur so quickly?

Coach: Therefore, begin ‘small’ and begin ‘modestly’.

Slav: I get your point. I’ll start with my own squad.

Coach: Demonstrate that the adjustments are effective with your staff and present them to your CEO. And then it will be scaled.

Slav: Yes, let me begin with the ‘Proof of Concept.’

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