Tavisca Solutions Accelerates Expansion with an Additional Office Space

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Tavisca Solutions Accelerates Expansion with an Additional Office Space

14 JUL, 2017

Recently, Tavisca became operational on their additional office space on the 6th floor of Weikfield IT Park in Pune, on June 6, 2017. Bidding adieu to conventionally fabled corner offices . The team moved into another collaborative workspace, designed similarly to their existing 7th floor office .

Taviscans are enjoying an integrated and well-connected workspace, while occupying the 6th and 7th floors of the same building. This would help them scale collectively with larger and more comfortable workspace, but collaborate with effectiveness.

The new office has an impressive, state-of-art infrastructure, which reflects the company’s open and free culture, while fostering creativity. The Sports Room on the 6th Floor office comprises of Foosball, Pool and Carom.

tavisca's carrom pic

A jogging track has also been created on the Operations floor for on-the-go discussions. The office also contains a room with Amphitheatre seating, where teams can take photos in groups. In addition to the open seating arrangements, the office comprises of Conference Rooms, Meeting Rooms and Designer Meeting Pods for one-on-one discussions.

The new office has been designed, keeping sustainability in mind. Potted plants adorn every nook and corner of the office, and seating arrangements in the open terrace area have been made by eco-friendly utilization of waste materials. The LED lighting infrastructure along with centralized power system has ensured better energy efficiency throughout the entire workplace.

Mahendra Yadav, former CEO of Tavisca Solutions, said, “This added space for our operations will provide us with opportunities to take up projects that are one-of-a-kind. With a bigger and collaborative workspace, we’ll be able to provide the team with an integrated environment that brings out their best.

The company recently celebrated their 9th Foundation Day, which celebrated the company’s fun company culture. This expansion into the 6th floor office comes on the heels of an impressive year for tavisca, which has led to growth and scaling at a rapid pace.

This additional space has given tavisca the much-needed headroom to support its continued rapid growth for the foreseeable future. What are your views on their new office? Please share your opinions, through the comments below.

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