Tavisca Solutions’ Hackathon 2017: A Platform for Innovation and Developers’ Expression

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15 MAY, 2017

Hackathon 2017 kicked off on March 31, 2017, at 12 noon and went on till 11.55 pm on April 1, 2017. During the Hackathon, tavisca’s Pune office transformed into a vibrant zone where adrenaline & caffeine-fuelled taviscans engaged in developing unique software solutions amid live food counters and fun midnight activities.

Hackathon 2017 – Where Creativity Met Freedom

Our Hackathons epitomize tavisca’s culture of innovation and freedom, where technical minds conjure up first-hand solutions to an existing problem. 15 teams registered to flex their ideas and concepts in our 36-hour long event, where 15 mentors were available to help teams with their suggestions.

Tavisca’s Hackathon – 2017 was an Open-Hack competition around diverse themes and no technical limitations. Developers could choose any domain of their choice. The solutions were to be evaluated on the basis of quality of problem statement, the innovation behind its conception, completeness and long-term resourcefulness of the solution.

We conducted an Open-House to help each team ideate individually. To support the high infrastructure needs of the teams during the Hackathon, we came up with a fair usage policy. Our in-house SME was available at all times to guide our teams for using hosting services.

Food & Fun Activities for Brooding Geeks

A crowd of nearly 100 individuals had gathered to witness developers generate awesome ideas and strengthen their ties through teamwork. In order to make them more comfortable, tavisca organized some fun activities.

There were live food counters and dart competitions to engage our warriors. To help developers retain their energies during the 36-hour long coding stretch, a steady supply of Red Bull & Gatorade was arranged. Fuelled by energy drinks and great food, our developers were relentless in their pursuit of shaping a solution to their problems / ideas. Our teams made through the 36 hours with persistence and determination.

Breathing Life into Exciting Ideas

In the intense 36-hour Hackathon, the teams fought neck-to-neck for the winner’s trophy. They haven’t just presented unique and creative ideas, but also brought them to life. Out of all the awesome works presented by 15 teams, 5 finalists were selected by our panel.

The finalists enjoyed their moments of glory by presenting their works in front of all tavisca employees, who were judges! The winners were chosen by a voting process in a perfect democratic manner.

Here’s a brief lowdown on the winners selected on the basis of votes they received:

1. Moments

Conceptualized on the thought of discovering and celebrating your everyday moments, the winners of Hackathon-2017 created a photo app, aptly named Moments!

This amazing app can weave magic in our lives in the following manner:

  • Effortless Photo Sharing: Have you wondered what it would be like to have your special moments captured and automatically shared with your friends? With Moments, Photo-Sharing is Hands-Free…
  • Revive Lost Images: Yearn to view your lost photos? Fret not. Moments can help you discover those Photos of you, which were lost until now.
  • Instant Photo-Sharing: Bid adieu to those days of having to ask your friends for selfies & photos you took when weaving your own memories. With Moments, Instant Photo-sharing is no far-fetched concept, but a reality.

By leveraging face recognition technology, Moments app helps in identifying people in a photo and sharing the photo with them. This eliminates the need to manually choose which photos to share and with which set of people. Using Moments, our Hackathon-2017 winners have helped us say Goodbye to manual photo-sharing user action.

2. Atlas

The First Runners-Up of Hackathon-2017 brought forth an easily integrated, voice-controlled system named Atlas – a personal assistant with a new dimension of possibilities.

Atlas can make life easier for you in the following different ways:

  • Highly Extensible & Flexible: With greater flexibility & extensibility, Atlas enables you to work with multiple technologies, such as Alexa, Kibana or Cloud Watch.
  • Reduced Technological Dependency: Atlas cuts interactions from technological applications so that limited technological cognizance is no more a barrier.
  • Simplified Integration for Organized Reports: Retrieve organized reports & actionable insights on your fingertips using Atlas. Using simple integrations, you can receive essential insights or reports via email.

This innovative team utilized the limitless potential of voice-over-technology, which incorporated speech recognition to enable interactions with multiple technologies such as Alexa, Kibana and Cloud Watch. By simplifying Human-Technology Interactions, Atlas has reduced manual efforts and made technology a medium to vanquish technological dependency.

3.Man in the Middle Mocker (MIM Mocker)

Created with the purpose of providing mocking feature without updating application configurations, the second runners up of Hackathon-2017 came up with a framework named Man in the Middle Mocker (MIM Mocker), which implements a rule-based support for mocking.

Here’s a look at how MIM Mocker can be helpful:

  • Effective Load Testing: MIM Mocker offers real-life response simulations – your solution to effective load testing, which has been made possible by incorporating latency simulation.
  • Get Backup during Demos: With a generic mocking framework, MIM Mocker provides you with a backup during demos by backing all dependent applications.
  • Simplifies Lives for QAs & Developers: Quality Analysts can heave a sigh of relief as this framework recreates complex scenarios for issues using logged responses. Dependencies are no more hurdles for developers, as all contracts are defined in this framework.

With an HTTP-level framework, MIM Mocker responds with mock responses and assists in natural load testing with dynamic rules and response caching at run-time, and made lives easier for QAs and developers.

As they say, Rome was not built in a day because building requires a step-by-step approach with right foundations… But 36 hours of our Hackathon resulted in creative new ideas, which helped in laying the groundwork for more innovative initiatives.

Tavisca has organized many such Hackathons, which have brought forth innovative new ideas. We also plan to host another Open-House Hackathon this year, where people from other organizations are welcome to participate.

We love organizing Hackathons, and can’t wait for the next one to begin… Want to be a part of it too? Get in touch with us right away!

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