Tavisca Solutions: Among India’s top 100 best places to work for

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 Tavisca Solutions: Among India’s top 100 best places to work for

26 JUN, 2013

Couple of months back when I got a call from a recruiter, it was as usual as any other calls for a job hunter, but it immediately caught my attention when the person on the other side said, “Hi, I am from Tavisca, a travel tech company that is one of India’s top 100 best companies to work for, a list we share with the likes of  Google & Intel”. I knew it was a call that was above and beyond an average interview call.

For second consecutive year Tavisca listed in 100 best places to work for

It’s my 2nd day of work at Tavisca and this morning I got the news that we have yet again made it to the top 100 list for the second consecutive year!  The reason become apparent when I went through the  product orientation program and saw the power of the booking engine and how it helps travel agents to go online in flat 25 minutes.

I think its travel and technology together that creates the magic, which keeps the folks behind this innovation so passionate about work, innovation & excellence. Travel has led to innovations in technology for many years; travel is the basic necessity for human existence. From using animals for transport, to inventing automobiles and ships and then taking to the skies, travel has been a catalyst for ingenuity at its best.

The world is going virtual today, courtesy Internet, now we have travel going online.

It has enabled us to increase our capabilities and controls over our travel plans exponentially.

I think it’s this charisma of the blend of travel and technology that keeps all folks at Tavisca stay so motivated to excel and to revolutionize the way travel technology works creating innovation in travel technology that facilitate the travel ecosystem to go through further phases of evolution in order to make the world a better place to live.

So even if it’s just 2 days that I am here, I can’t help feeling proud.

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