Six Paths To Steer Experiences

Our Approach

Product Thinking & Platform Readiness

Approach To Productization

Our approach is based on Product Thinking and Platform Building. The Platform is designed as a series of plugged-in Lego blocks, where each block is a “product” and has a business/technical purpose. The blocks allow us to categorize the Loyalty domain into various sub-domains and components. Subsequently, we create solutions by re-combining the blocks and building on top of one another, depending on the needs of the client or the situation.

Bolstering The World
Of Customer Loyalty

Four Focus Areas

We help clients build customer loyalty with tailor-made experiences, built on top of a platform strategy that composes their solutions with products & components, acting as Lego blocks of varying complexity. Our parent group – cxLoyalty owns the design, strategy, roadmap, performance, and healthy running of the platform and its constituent products.


Quality Assurance

Delivery Model