tavisca product suite is created using multiple building blocks, used as pick and choose components as per need.

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Real-Time Hotel Mapping And Descriptive Content Delivery System

The world’s first real-time hotel mapping and descriptive content delivery system. A patent-pending technology solution aimed to resolve the inconsistent distribution of hotel content across major hotel content providers.

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A Business Process Automation And Data Synchronization Software

A mid-office, business process automation and data synchronization software for the travel industry.

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A User Profile And Authentication Management Application

A centralized application for user profile and authentication management for enterprises, with SSO, configuration and policy management, access control, role management and profile sharing features.

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A PCI DSS Compliant Booking Engine

A PCI DSS compliant online booking engine pre-integrated with over 50 travel inventory suppliers, empowering B2B, B2C and B2B2C businesses across the travel industry.

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