Why limit yourself to a generic software development company?

The Travel Technology domain is a very specialized domain and requires technology partners that are singularly focused and experienced in the industry. Here is why we think Tavisca is the partner to work with:

Start Ahead

Travel technology business problems are common across the industry and there is no need to reinvent the wheel on all aspects. When you work with Tavisca you start ahead as we have developed booking engine, frameworks, platforms and various components. This helps you easily expand your reach in the market and adopt technology for back office operations including customer support and financial accounting. Our booking engine integrates with over 35 partners including the 4 main GDS’s, leading LCC inventory suppliers, direct connect with leading car rental companies, over 120,000 hotels inventory, over 60,000 net rate hotel inventory and major activities, transfers and travel insurance providers.

User Experience

Technology that is intuitive and endears is a must today. Our solutions use most intuitive designs and controls to ensure that your users never miss a step in the process of conducting business with you. We understand that today it is difficult to separate the back end technology implementation from the conceptual design and the interface design, and hence have developed GUI expertise that helps create rich and intuitive interfaces.

Total Partner

Integration and continuous improvement is the key to staying ahead in the travel business. Tavisca operates across front end (customer facing), mid office (agents), and back office functions. We also partner with our clients in developing, configuring, expanding and maintaining their solutions. Our full lifecycle involvement with clients ensures that they have the benefits of an integrated approach and of a one stop solution.

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