1. Solution Definition

    Understanding key challenges, problems and opportunities, as well as creating a documented and visual presentation of the solutions required to resolve key business challenges through technology. The definition process undergoes both market and user research to create the right solution and user experience.

  2. Creative Design

    Our UX and creative design teams are hungry for complex and unique challenges. The teams have years of experience in designing a variety of travel software, travel websites, and thrive on creating effective visual identity and award winning design concepts.

  3. Product Development

    We help travel startups and innovators to create travel products from concept to commissioning in a very short duration of time. Our experience of building a variety of travel technology platforms for many of the world’s leading travel companies, positions us as a partner of choice.

  4. App Development

    tavisca incubated Appacitive and Tapstudio, two companies whose sole purpose is to provide rapid application development platforms and create world class iOS and Android apps for our customers to drive market leadership and innovation.

  5. Travel Technology

    tavisca is a polyglot technology organization, with tremendous capabilities on Microsoft platform. Our technology and research teams have created products, as well as solutions on NoSQL, open source, cloud, big and distributed data, index and cache technologies and platforms.