Does your technology partner invest effort to meet your future needs?

Power of software comes from ability to have building blocks that make future development easier and quicker. Tavisca proactively invests in creating frameworks and components that save time and money for our clients.

SingularityWhile managing a core licensed platform, we realized that quick customization needs, from various clients, had to go through long product management cycles or wait for a generic solution which does not impact other customers.

Singularity is a framework to inject custom implementations in our software at any time. Technically speaking, it injects code in invocation pipeline without changing the core implementation of the software. It helps us react to quick time to market needs of our customers, without having them worry about changes and impact in our core product.

SpectrumAcross many UI customizations, we realized a need of making the presentation layer so thin that most of the UI layer code can be reused and automation tested.

Spectrum is a Tavisca’s improvement of Microsoft’s Web Client Software Factory to utilize inversion of control with our widgetized UI framework. It helps write user interface code once and reuse it across windows, web, mobile and multiple user interface customizations. Above all, it simplifies the automation testing of user interface code.

InfoServWhenever a business user / internal customer came up with a report need, we used to take more than a day to create and deploy a corresponding online report. All existing report building and delivery solutions either required specialized training or adding burden to our clients to purchase license of off the shelf products.

InfoServ is an out of the box report search criteria, presentation and delivery framework. Now our engineers spend just a couple of hours to wire up search criteria, report views and data sources. InfoServ comes with inbuilt support for sorting of results, paging of results and export in excel or CSV. InfoServ is database and platform agnostic.

UbiquityMany times online users reported a website problem to our Clients’ customer service, where finding all activities across various layers of applications was a heavily skilled engineer job.

Ubiquity is an ambient agent across layers in our software, which receives information about the state of software across layers like searches, exceptions, performance, user activity, third party interaction data and results and correlates them so that our support team can identify reasons and respond quickly.

WorkBenchWe found that an online reservation request took a few seconds to complete since the software was doing 12 tasks, one after another, when only 2 of them were critical – make the booking and charge the form of payment. Everything else like sending the email could be sent separately.

Workbench is a framework which waits for tasks from various applications in the enterprise. As soon as it receives one, it finds the person who can complete the task and delegates it to them. In case, the task is not completed in one attempt, it tries again after a designated amount of time, till all configured retries fail.

QviveOur engineers automated so many schedule dependent manual tasks for our Clients, that it became a challenge to monitor and configure all of them.

Qvive is a task scheduler framework, which can run wide variety of tasks deployed across multiple servers, yet controlled through a central database. Administrators have a single window to configured the schedule, retry mechanism, results and history of every automated task in the enterprise. We use Qvive as backbone of our application monitoring, content feed automation and other software.

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