How Do You Solve The Challenge Of Aggregating Niche Inventory Across The Globe? by admin

Country/ Region: Russia
Industry: Travel Technology

Customer Profile:
A well-established travel website, specializing in eco-adventure transnational tours wanting to increase the reach of their expertise to customers around the world and, also in search of a way to manage their inventory efficiently.

One of the key drivers for online travel agencies is the ability to offer specialized travel products from diverse markets, with the fastest turnaround time. In addition to which, the accuracy of availability across products and facilitating global payment gateways further cause delays in taking your specialized travel products to the global market (time to market).

Business Situation:
Specializing in transnational tours, the client was on the lookout for a technology platform that would empower them to offer specialized travel products quickly and help them manage negotiated travel inventory better.

What the Client Needed:
“It is imperative for us to offer specialized travel products from around the world, as quickly as possible. To add to this, the worry of correct availability of products and setting up global payment gateways is troublesome.”

– A travel website that focuses on transnational tours

The Solution:
Our team of travel technology specialists came together to construct a solution for this client by combining two of our unique products namely, travelnxt and innventia to ease out their stress point.

Our Solution Construct:
We put together a solution customized to our client’s requirements by providing them with a solution construct that consisted of a combination of our products – An online travel booking platform known as travelnxt along with our strong inventory management system (IMS) called innventia.

tavisca’s IMS is helping launch some of the most diverse e-commerce business models in the travel industry. innventia seamlessly enables consolidating niche (often offline) travel products such as adventure tours, experience based accommodation and regionally specialized travel products that are rarely available to travelers for online booking.

The travelnxt platform can quickly build B2B and B2C travel e-commerce experiences and bring to market the inventory aggregated through innventia. travelnxt solves the challenges of multilingual and international booking flow, which propels niche inventory to a global audience.

travelnxt along with innventia becomes the fastest way to create and launch transnational travel brands.

The Outcome:
Today, this transnational travel brand can efficiently manage their negotiated travel inventory with granular control and offer niche travel products to customers around the world.

The tavisca® Advantage:
The inherent PCI PA-DSS compliant technology of travelnxt and innventia ensures that this travel company’s customers have access to all its travel products and can transact online securely.

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