Migrating To The Online World? The Challenge Of ‘Time To Market.’ by admin

Country/ Region: UK
Industry: Travel Technology

Customer Profile:
Our client is a UK based Travel Agency wanting to launch their travel brand online and increase the reach of their travel products.

The onset of the digital age has managed to suppress the international market for travel businesses and agencies to quite an extent. The present day scenario where customers are tech savvy and prefer researching as well as booking vacations online emphasizes the need for travel agencies to launch their websites online. Additionally, the delay in launching their travel websites online due to technical delays brings forth its own set of hurdles.

Business Situation:
The client was in search for a reliable travel technology platform, to launch their travel brand online and increase the reach of their travel products.

What the Client Needed:
“We want to launch a fully functional travel e-commerce website. Our challenge is finding a platform that works seamlessly as B2C as well as B2B and is reasonably plug and play.”

-An established agency in UK

The Solution:
Post analysis of the client’s business requirements our team, created a customized solution to resolve this client’s pain area. Our travel technology specialists put together two of our unique products – our white-label website development software called templar, with our mid and back-office agency management software also known as bizconnect, to empower them.

Our Solution Construct:
We created a combination of two of our unique products – and templar, to ease our bizconnect client’s stress point.

tavisca’s (a CMS that can launch completely functional travel websites) rapidly converted templarthe idea for this website into an up and running OTA in a matter of weeks.

templar uses a widget based approach to building websites. Like Lego blocks, templar’s widgets can create pages of a completely functional travel e-commerce portal, thereby reducing time and effort in launching travel websites.

The Outcome:
Using bizconnect, tavisca’s integrated mid-office solution along with , this UK based agency templartoday manages a fast growing online travel business and is launching multiple websites dedicated to specific market requirements, using a single platform with minimal technical effort.

The tavisca® Advantage:
Our tailored solution of templar along with bizconnect not only enabled this client to launch fully-functional e-commerce websites, but also equipped them with tools to manage their daily agency operations with ease.

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