How Do You Scale-Up Your B2B Business? by admin

Country/ Region: South Asian Market
Industry: Travel Technology

Customer Profile:
An established DMC and a host agency looking to expand its B2B network and increase their reach worldwide.

Some of the key challenges faced by DMCs, host agencies and other B2B network businesses around the world, has been to add new affiliate members and devise ways to nurture this symbiotic partnership to create endurance and facilitate growth.

Business Situation:
Being an established DMC and a host agency, the client was in search of travel technology that would help quickly onboard affiliate members, while providing them the right tools to begin operations almost immediately and communicate new products and offers within the network.

What the Client Needed:
“The biggest challenge is scaling-up the number of affiliates & sub-agencies that do business with us. It is a constant struggle between hiring more people to follow up with affiliates and keep them active. At the same time, we spend a lot of time and effort in communicating new products and offerings to keep affiliate members interested.”

– An establish DMC and a host agency focused on South Asian markets

The Solution:
Our technology team came together to create a solution for the client by bringing together two of our technology products – travelnxt and innventia, to equip them with the right tools to resolve their pain point.

Our Solution Construct:
We created a solution construct by combined two of our travel technology products – travelnxt and innventia, to smoothen out this client’s stress point with respect to daily business operations.

travelnxt – The tiered and hierarchical booking platform made it simple for DMC managers to register and launch affiliates members very fast.

innventia – A strong inventory management system enabled contracting teams to load and manage rates and availability, for contracted hotels as well as activities, and distributed it to affiliate members.

The capabilities of the two products – travelnxt and innventia have become the foundation of creating a sustainable B2B affiliate network for many of tavisca’s customers.

The Outcome:
This rapidly growing DMC today, sees hundreds of affiliates joining its platform each month.

The tavisca® Advantage:
Our solution construct of travelnxt combined with innventia ensures this host based agency can not only communicate its new products and offerings to its affiliate members, but also allows them to easily manage their travel inventory with ease.

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