How Do You Create Enduring Value For Each Member? by admin

Country/ Region: North America
Industry: Travel Technology

Customer Profile:
Our client is among North America’s largest membership-based travel brands, presently managing over 70000 happy customers on travelnxt.

B2B network and membership-based travel agencies across the globe are increasingly finding it difficult to offer affiliate members – both existing and new, with adequate tools and support to enable them to be independent and maintain their brand identity, for each affiliate member. This is one of the primary issues that persistently challenge the sustainability of B2B networks and membership-based travel agencies around the world, today. It is critical to add quickly and manage business affiliates, in order to focus better on business rather than spending time on technicalities.

Business Situation:
The client was in search for a quick and efficient onboarding platform, which was capable of equipping its affiliate members with self-help tools to operate independently.

What the Client Needed:
“A combination of the right supplier strategy, optimized markup management, and empowering members with self-help tools that really make a difference in booking travel – That is a recipe for making your members stick and flourish with your travel brand.”

– One of North America’s largest membership-based travel brands

The Solution:
Our dedicated team of travel technology specialists at tavisca® came together to construct a solution specifically aimed to resolve this client’s pain-point. Our travel technology specialists put together a combination of our centralized user profile management and authentication application along with our PCI PA-DSS compliant online booking engine to empower this travel business to quickly onboard and manage affiliates and members efficiently.

Our Solution Construct:
tavisca® put forth a solution by combining two unique products – a smart profile management application and our core booking engine customized to solve the client’s paint-point.

vexiere is tavisca’s profile management application that creates a rich profile of every user associated with the booking process viz. traveler, booking agent, customer service, contracting staff, accounts & finance staff, yield managers and marketing teams.

travelnxt can help businesses define, how each user views and uses the booking application, as well as the mid-office operations. This means that the users can focus on those parts of technology that are most relevant to their requirements.

The Outcome:
Membership based travel has benefited significantly, due to this capability and has enabled this travel business to become one of the most successful membership-based travel brands in North America.

The tavisca® Advantage:
The customized solution with tavisca’s products – vexiere and travelnxt, empowers Travel Businesses to quickly onboard affiliates, and equip them with tools to begin operations independently, from day one. This customized solution enables travel businesses to promptly onboard and manage affiliate members with granular control settings, minus bundles of paperwork and technical delays.

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