Flight-Booking Business Fights On and Succeeds by admin

Country/ Region: North America
Industry: Travel Technology

Customer Profile:
Our client is among one of the well-known Travel Agencies that focuses primarily on the sale of flight bookings in the North American markets.

Despite having access to travel technology in the market, travel businesses continue to strive in order to showcase their flight bookings and other travel products online. For travel businesses that made the switch to taking their travel brand online, the stress-point eventually shifts from entering the online world of e-commerce to focusing more on optimizing the speed and efficiency of their technology platforms. To be successful as a travel agency, creating a seamless experience for customers and keeping them cued into their travel schedules, is of utmost importance.

Business Situation:
The client was on the look-out for an efficient online flight booking engine to launch their brand online and optimize day-to-day agency operations, specifically with respect to revenue management.

What the Client Needed:
“As travel products go, selling flight bookings online is the toughest and the most competitive business there is. You really need to get your technology act together to succeed in this business. This means showing results quickly and accurately, managing complex markup scenarios across carriers, markets and seasons and automating communication to customer post booking so that the customer is always appraised of the status of the booking”

-A  travel website focused on flights business in the North American markets

The Solution:
Our dedicated team of travel technology specialists at tavisca® came together to tailor-make the solution to ease out this client’s pain-point. Our travel technology specialists put together a combination of a PCI PA-DSS compliant Internet Booking Engine with a GDS queue management application that also has automated booking and post-booking notifications for customers.

Our Solution Construct:
To solve the problems faced by our client, we constructed a solution with a combination of our travel technology products to help them get their business back on track.

synchron, tavisca’s queue management application to the rescue! By monitoring PNR changes for GDS bookings and automating notifications to customers, synchron automates all booking notifications for the customers of this flights booking website.

The travelnxt booking engine brings-in comprehensive capabilities to search and book using multiple GDSs. Most importantly travelnxt creates fare markup strategies that manage the delicate balance between profitability and competitiveness.

The Outcome:
Today this flights booking website continues to draw traffic and is growing month on month.

The tavisca® Advantage:
The tailor-made solution of tavisca’s travelnxt and synchron, provides travel businesses with not only a highly-efficient booking engine, but also ensures granular control over the fare markup strategies – Commissions, Markups, Discounts, Fees and much more. This solution construct enables travel businesses provide smooth customer experience by means of automated post-booking notifications to keep customers informed regarding their travel.

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