Creating Disruptive Business Models in Online Travel by admin

Country/ Region: USA
Industry: Travel Technology

Customer Profile:
Our client is US based Travel Startup, that wanted to sell value added merchandise along with their travel inventory.

The travel Industry thrives on creating an ‘experience’ that customers’ remember for a lifetime, it is all about establishing your brand name. Travel businesses and agencies due to the cut-throat competition prevalent in the industry, are under constant pressure to enhance customer experience by creating attractive offers and packages that are difficult to resist. To fulfill this need to create unique customer experience, many travel businesses and tour operators often find themselves trying to work their way around rigid and at times, even unreliable technology platforms.

Business Situation:
The client was in search for a flexible online platform, flexible enough to be able to add value added travel merchandise with conventional travel products, and offer unique products to the world.

What the Client Needed:
“We want to launch a unique product by bundling travel merchandise (e.g. gift hampers) with conventional travel products such as air, hotel, cars and activities to create irresistible offers for travelers. We want a technology platform that is not cookie cut and inflexible. This is an innovative, first of its kind business model in online travel and would require a lot of flexibility on the part of a technology platform.”

– A new travel startup in the US that wanted to sell value added merchandise along with travel inventory

The Solution:
Our dedicated team of travel technology specialists came together to craft a solution to alleviate the client’s pain point, by combining three of our technology products, namely – travelnxt – a travel agency booking software, innventia – a robust inventory management system and clarifi – our real-time hotel content syndication system.

Our Solution Construct:
tavisca® put forth a solution by bringing forth more than 50 pre-integrated suppliers for air, hotel, car and activities, a travel agency booking software called travelnxt seamlessly merged, specially negotiated travel merchandise from our strong inventory management system also known as innventia to create unique trips for holiday shoppers.

travelnxt component applications easily solve some of the most fundamental problems of online travel business. clarifi, an automated hotel mapping and content standardization application plays a pivotal role in travelnxt by ensuring that the hotel results displayed to the customers are of the highest quality in content and accuracy.

The Outcome:
travelnxt, innventia along with clarifi together created the most pivotal USP for this brand that offered accurate and high quality hotel content for each of its unique trips.

The tavisca® Advantage:
The tailor-made solution for this client of ours’ came together to enable them to offer unique trips and offers efficiently to the world by quickly combining travel merchandise with conventional travel products, in addition to over 40 suppliers pre-integrated to the platform for air, hotels, cars and activities.

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