Does Adding New Hotel Suppliers, Slow Down Business? by admin

Country/ Region: Asia
Industry: Travel Technology

Customer Profile:
An established travel website focused on building and looking to expand their hotel inventory was on the lookout for adding and managing their negotiated hotel inventory from multiple suppliers.

The changing dynamics of the travel industry has paved the way for cut-throat competition in today’s market. It has become increasingly painful for travel agencies and businesses to integrate multiple supplier APIs to their technology platform, in order to feed this competitive streak of providing the ‘best deals’ quickly to travelers.

Business Situation:
The complexities of integrating multiple supplier APIs to any technology platform requires travel businesses to invest heavily in hiring and sustaining the necessary expertise, in order to showcase their varied hotel inventory to end customers.

What the Client Needed:
“To remain competitive, it is exceedingly important for us to quickly add new hotel supplier APIs into our product offerings. In addition to that, the worry of mapping new hotel suppliers does not help at all.”

-A travel website focused on hotel business primarily in the Asian market

The Solution:
Our team of travel technology specialists devised a solution construct, customized to suit our client’s specific requirements and solve their pain point with two of our travel technology products namely, travelnxt and sceptr.

Our Solution Construct:
Our client in concern required a solution to this challenge, for which we devised a solution construct, customized to suit our client’s business requirements. We traced the cause of this problem to the speed and efficiency of adding new hotel supplier APIs to product offerings.

The sceptr framework has been built to simplify the process of adding multiple hotel supplier APIs.

sceptr’s unique one-time XML API integration accompanied with its web services, ensures easy supplier integration with any booking platform. The travel supplier integration software helps travel businesses to resolve the complexity of developing and maintaining the necessary expertise for multiple supplier integrations.

travelnxt’s universal API combined with sceptr becomes a formidable tool to access the best hotel supplier inventory through a single API.

The Outcome:
Travel businesses no longer need to worry about the cost, effort and accuracy of individual hotel supplier API integration. Today, this travel website can effortlessly integrate new hotel suppliers to their technology platforms easily.

The tavisca® Advantage:
The combination of travelnxt with sceptr ensures this travel business can seamlessly integrate multiple supplier APIs, with a simple one-time integration and showcase a variety of contracted hotel inventory to customers across the globe.

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