Do your technology solutions drive business efficiency and reduce time to market?

Just bringing customers to do business with you is not enough. Our solutions are built in line with specific needs that we have identified while observing the obstacles to our Clients’ success. They solve specific marketing, customer service and operational business needs in elegant yet affordable ways.

Have you ever wondered if you have all the tools to support an online travel business?

BizConnect as a multi-audience back-office addresses the needs of every internal customer and affiliates, bringing information to their fingertips. Customer services agents can services customer calls more effectively, fulfillment / ticketing agents have more tools to reduce their manual work, accounting staff can see details of every transaction once in doubt, affiliates and business owners can see the health and wealth of business and tech support can investigate problems better than ever.

Is your online website displaying stale media and destination content?

Online travel portals face a continuous challenge of changing data around hotels, car rental locations airports and cities. Clarifi is a automated content update framework, which gathers media and destination content from multiple sources and applies automatic updates to online databases in real time.

Is launching a new brand a many weeks development cost for you?

Templar is a widgetized UI framework with complete travel and back-office widgets available out of the box, which can be customized and extended without reinventing the wheel. Creating a new brand, theme and look and feel is now a creative designers work. This promises significant reduction in cost and time to market.

Is all your customer, booking and revenue data spread across systems creating customer service and accounting nightmare?

Synchron comes to rescue. Synchron downloads and monitors PNRs from GDS and Queues to automatically identify the business work flow efficiency. It sends out notifications to customers for ticketing, schedule change, cancellation and any post booking event which needs customers’ attention. Synchron also synchronizes bookings, customers, transactions, user activity, invoicing, accounting and commissions information to a single data warehouse creating a unified reporting platform for business owners and affiliates. Synchron synchronizes booking, invoice, commission and customer data with ease between online booking engine, GDS and TRAMS ®.

Does management of customer identity and profile across various enterprise software worry you?

In today’s world, identity management has gone beyond single signon. Customer identity typically spans across various systems, your affiliates bring their own customer base, in this social world there are continuous needs of supporting different authentication mechanism and chances are that customers profile data is spread across multiple associated places like GDS or CRM softwares. Vexiere creates a single window of authentication and profile management, ensuring that all parties are up to date and in complete sync on customer identity and profiles.

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